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2018 yearbooks are SOLD OUT! Thank you for your support of our program!

All information below is for the 2019 book.

Our award-winning yearbook is features 96 full-color pages that are designed, photographed, and written by photography and journalism students.

The only way to guarantee that you’ll get yours is to preorder by visiting and using school code 9910319.

Q: Why should I buy a yearbook?

A: CCJH has one of the best junior-high yearbooks in the United States; it has earned second place in the Lifetouch Yearbook Showcase for two consecutive years and been recognized for individual photography, page design, and theme development. See our list of awards here.

The quality of the photos, quotes from students, and stories about classes, clubs, and student life are things you can’t get anywhere else. It is our mission to make sure we keep producing a quality book so you get your money’s worth.

Q: How much does a yearbook cost?

A: Yearbooks cost $35.

Q: What do you do with all the money from the book sales?

A: We pay for the books. Each book costs us about $34.60 to produce.

Q: How do I purchase a book?

A: There are two ways to order a book.
Order online at The Cactus Canyon ID code is 9910319.
Get an order form from Mr. Davis in Room 320. Return it to Mr. Davis with cash or a check made out to CCJH.

Q: What’s the best way to order?

A: The best way to purchase is online because you’ll have an immediate email receipt and record of your purchase. There is no way for your money or order to get forgotten, misplaced, or left at the bottom of a backpack.

Q: Why should I preorder?

A: There are a few reasons.
Students who preorder get to pick up their book before those who don’t.
It guarantees you’ll get one.
You’ll get an emailed receipt that

Q: How many books are available?

A: There are 200 books available for student purchase. The 2018 book sold out and we anticipate they will sell out again, so order early!

Q: I want to do something special for my child? What are my options?

A: We have student recognition spaces available in two sizes. A quarter-page ad costs $30 and provides room for 2-4 photos and a short message, although the bigger ad means bigger everything. Contact [email protected] to order your recognition space.

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Yearbook Info