Canyon Chronicle

2018-2019 Staff

Marion Blakely

Oro Yearbook Photographer

Greetings guild mates! I am Marion Blakely, your local yearbook photographer, but you may call me Mari if you want (technically it’s Mary but with an I). I love hanging with me friends and taking photos and, of course, anime....

Payton Dillon

Oro Yearbook Photographer

My name is Payton Dillon and I am extremely sporty. Anyway, I love softball, volleyball, and basketball, doing photography, drawing,, and making people smile. I am very awkward around people I have never met, so excuse the word...

Diana Granillo

Oro Yearbook Photographer

My name is Diana Granillo, but I go by Dia. My love for writing and photography is what led me to Yearbook where I enjoy telling the story of year. My dream is to become a baker or an author. Besides that, I enjoy drinking more...

Allie Pride

Oro Yearbook Photographer

My name is Allie Pride, yearbook photographer and pro basketball player, but mainly I like to take photos and meet lots of people in yearbook, and I think that photo journalism is really interesting. I also like sports, lots...

Emily Sosa

Oro Yearbook Photographer

My name is Emily Sosa, cookie/pun enthusiast and expert (not to brag) artist. I love artsy things, including photography, and I’m always there to encourage people. My main goal in life is to make people happy with art, make...

Casey Woolhouse

Chronicle Staff Writer

My name is Casey Woolhouse, I am a staff writer (technically a staff TYPER) for the Canyon Chronicle. I like watching YouTube, playing video games, reading, drawing, watching Netfilx, and hanging out with friends. If you can't...

Leeanndra Womack

Oro Yearbook Photographer

My name is Leeanndra Womack I have two brothers and I live with my mom. My favorite thing to do is jump on my trampoline and go to my friends’ house. I have two horses, a cow, and a dog.

Savannah Koch

Oro Yearbook Photographer

Trent Howard

Chronicle Staff Writer and Oro Yearbook Photographer

My name is Trent Howard and I am a photographer and designer for yearbook, and writer for the Chronicle. I spend my time playing video games and looking at memes. I don’t do much, but I’m a funny guy and I play Fortnite, so...

Ashlyn Wiram

Oro Yearbook Photographer

My name is Ashlyn Wiram (Nemo/Ashmo) and I’m one of the most sarcastic people you will ever meet. I love singing and making people laugh, but I also love artistic things like writing, drawing, making crafts, and photography....

Sarah McCracken

Chronicle Staff Writer and Oro Yearbook Photographer

Hello, Ladies and Gentz, how ya doin’? My name is Sarah McCracken. I can also be called SJ (if you feel like it). I like anime and unicorns. I am also very short (it is totally not because of my coffee addiction). I love taking...

Bailey Brummer

Oro Yearbook Photographer

Hi, my name is Bailey Brummer and I am one of you yearbook photographers this year; also, I love chocolate. I am a three-time national cheerleader. I take school seriously and I will take great photos for your yearbook.

Caitlin Drury

Oro Yearbook Photographer

My name is Caitlin Drury, I’m on both the staff of the yearbook and Canyon Chronicle. I like tea and coffee and I have two cats, Felix and Jackson. I’m an introvert, and very quiet. I also like anime and spiders and I’m...

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