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2017-2018 Staff

Rylee Anforth

Chronicle Editor, Announcements Host and Editor

My name is Rylee. I like to eat food, it's pretty fun. I like horses and dogs, they're also pretty fun.

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Kelley Bentley

Staff Writer, Announcements Host

My name’s Kelley. I love horror movies, doggies, and making new friends. My favorite quotes are from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and I practically run on junk food and soda. Anyways If you took the time to actually read...

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Craig Byrd


My name is Craig Byrd, photographer extraordinaire. I love Pokemon, The Legend of Zelda, Mario Bros., Star Wars, Harry Potter, and comic books. I can be seen talking with my buddies about any of things I just listed or photographing...

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Tyler Cole

Staff Writer

I am a new staff member and I love movies, so I'm especially looking forward to writing reviews. You might even see me on the announcements from time to time.

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Mario English

Staff Writer

Hello! My name is Mario English and I am a writer for the Canyon Chronicle. I love playing baseball and hanging out with friends. I like writing stories and drawing whenever I can.

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Daisy Gonzales

Staff Writer

My name is Daisy G. and I enjoy hanging out with my friends whenever I can, some other things I like doing include camping, being with my dog and other activities involving the outdoors.

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Austin Martinez

Staff Writer

My name is Austin martinez and I'm a writer for the Canyon Chronicle. I enjoy sleeping and eating.

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Josh Mott

Staff Writer

My name is Josh Mott and I love country music. I also like riding bmx bikes. The food I like is spaghetti and meatballs and most pastas.

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Kathryn Matthes

Staff Writer

I'm a Taurus and I like wolves, some anime, and my cat Meme.

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Olivia McCrary

Photographer, Yearbook Editor

I’m Olivia McCrary an editor for the yearbook and photographer for the Canyon Chronicle. People who know me well call me Oblivia because apparently I’m oblivious to everything. I love animals in particular fish. If you ever...

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Mallory Mellor


Greeting and salutations, I'm Mallory Mellor, a photographer for the Canyon Chronicle and part of NJHS. I love music, taking photos, nature, food, YouTube, video games, and animals, especially wild cats or wolves. I also enjoy...

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Kylee Mott

Staff Writer, Announcements Host

I’m Kylee Mott and I write for the Canyon Chronicle. I like music and writing books; in fact, I’m writing one right now. I’m dorky and, well, just straight up weird. I also like to draw animals because they are fun to draw;...

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Hayden Pride


My name is Hayden Pride and I am a photographer. I have a lot of fun taking photos for the yearbook. I love to play basketball, go hiking, eat and go hunting. Some people who know me call me Cougar Pride which I guess is pretty...

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Audrey Rodas


Hi. My name is Audrey and I like dogs. I have a service dog named Atlas. If I had never started taking photos of my puppy one day, I wouldn't have ever thought to be in Yearbook.

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Delaney Siggia

Chronicle Editor, Announcements Host and Editor

Greetings, earthlings! My name is Delaney Siggia and I’m a self-proclaimed musician and a writer for the Canyon Chronicle. I love sleeping, music, and using sarcasm (since the alternative, beating the life out of people, is...

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Chelsy Sosa


My name is Chelsy Sosa, but my friends call me Chels. I love listening to music, watching Riverdale on Netflix, making everyone around me laugh, and taking loads of pictures with my Canon EOS Rebel T6 camera. I also love love...

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Emily Sosa


My name is Emily Sosa, cookie/pun enthusiast and expert (not to brag) artist. I love artsy things, including photography, and I’m always there to encourage people. My main goal in life is to make people happy with art, make...

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David Tomazin

Staff Writer, Announcements Host

Hello Muggles! I’m David Tomazin, probably the biggest nerd you will ever meet. My Hogwarts house is Gryffindor and I like Pokemon, Legend of Zelda, Overwatch, and more. I enjoy reading, drawing, and watching anime. I enjoy...

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Isabella Vasquez

Photographer, Yearbook Editor

My name is Isabella Vasquez, but many of my friends refer to me as “Bella” and so many other names I can’t name them all. I am vice president in Student Council and an editor in yearbook. I am very passionate about everything...

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