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Recent Results

SoftballMon, Oct 02 Maricopa Wells Panthers20-16W
Maricopa Wells Panthers20-16W
SoftballThu, Sep 28 Ben Franklin Chargers14-0W
Ben Franklin Chargers14-0W
SoftballTue, Sep 26 Desert Wind Tigers14-5W
Desert Wind Tigers14-5W
BaseballTue, Sep 26 Desert Wind Tigers10-0W
Desert Wind Tigers10-0W
SoftballThu, Sep 21 Combs Cougars14-3W
Combs Cougars14-3W
BaseballThu, Sep 21 Combs Cougars1-14L
Combs Cougars1-14L
SoftballThu, Sep 14 Coolidge Cubs11-1W
Coolidge Cubs11-1W
BaseballThu, Sep 14 Coolidge Cubs10-1W
Coolidge Cubs10-1W
BaseballTue, Sep 12 Ben Franklin Chargers1-11L
Ben Franklin Chargers1-11L
BaseballThu, Sep 07 Desert Wind Tigers10-11L
Desert Wind Tigers10-11L
SoftballThu, Sep 07 Desert Wind Tigers14-0W
Desert Wind Tigers14-0W
SoftballTue, Sep 05 Combs Cougars13-2W
Combs Cougars13-2W
BaseballTue, Sep 05 Combs Cougars3-11L
Combs Cougars3-11L
BaseballTue, Aug 29 Coolidge Cubs15-3W
Coolidge Cubs15-3W
SoftballTue, Aug 29 Coolidge Cubs12-2W
Coolidge Cubs12-2W
SoftballThu, Aug 24 Maricopa Wells Panthers12-11W
Maricopa Wells Panthers12-11W
BaseballThu, Aug 24 Maricopa Wells Panthers10-9W
Maricopa Wells Panthers10-9W
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Upcoming Games

Boys SoccerThu, Nov 02 4:30 p.m.Maricopa WellsMaricopa Wells
Maricopa WellsMaricopa Wells
VolleyballThu, Nov 02 4:30 p.m.Maricopa Wells PanthersMaricopa Wells Middl
Maricopa Wells PanthersMaricopa Wells Middl
Boys SoccerTue, Nov 07 4:30 p.m.Hohokam Middle SchoolCactus Canyon
Hohokam Middle SchoolCactus Canyon
VolleyballTue, Nov 07 4:30 p.m.HohokamCactus Canyon Jr. Hi
HohokamCactus Canyon Jr. Hi
Tue, Nov 14 4:30p.m.CombsCombs
VolleyballTue, Nov 14 4:30 p.mCombsJO Combs Middle Scho
CombsJO Combs Middle Scho
Boys SoccerThu, Nov 16 4:30p.m.Desert WindDesert Wind
Desert WindDesert Wind
VolleyballThu, Nov 16 4:30 p.m.Desert WindDesert Wind Middle S
Desert WindDesert Wind Middle S
Boys SoccerTue, Nov 28 4:30p.m.Ben FranklinCactus Canyon
Ben FranklinCactus Canyon
VolleyballTue, Nov 28 4:30 p.m.Ben Franklin Cactus Canyon Jr. Hi
Ben Franklin Cactus Canyon Jr. Hi
Boys SoccerThu, Nov 30 4:30p.m.HohokamHohokam
VolleyballThu, Nov 30 4:30 p.m.Hohokam Hohokam Middle Schoo
Hohokam Hohokam Middle Schoo
VolleyballThu, Dec 07 4:30 p.m. CombsCactus Canyon Jr Hig
CombsCactus Canyon Jr Hig
Boys SoccerThu, Dec 07 4:30p.m.CombsCactus Canyon
CombsCactus Canyon
VolleyballTue, Dec 12 4:30 p.m.Desert Wind Cactus Canyon Jr Hig
Desert Wind Cactus Canyon Jr Hig
Boys SoccerTue, Dec 12 4:30p.m.Desert WindCactus Canyon
Desert WindCactus Canyon
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