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The Canyon Chronicle is the student newspaper of Cactus Canyon Junior High in Apache Junction, Arizona. All stories are written by students in the school’s Journalism II course. The Chronicle was born in April of 2017, as an update to the previous publication, the Cougar News Blog, which began in 2011. Stories are reviewed for accuracy by student editors and instructor Jason Davis before posting.

The Chronicle is part of Cougar Media, which also include the school’s yearbook, the Cougar Chronicles. Students in a media class contribute to both publications. Readers will see photos from yearbook photographers on this site and stories from journalism students in the yearbook. While the focus is a little different, the classes work together with the goal of creating two of the best junior-high publications in the country.


Our mission is to be a liaison to the student body, parents, and community members. Our stories highlight the learning and accomplishments of Cactus Canyon students while giving a unique voice to staff members. Timeliness is an important to our publication, but so is instruction. Because the Chronicle is part of a class, we often have new staff members and new lessons. While we try to get stories written and published quickly, our most important mission is to give students a strong foundation of journalistic principles.

Opinion Policy

Students are encouraged to write opinion pieces about issues of their choice. After conducting research on a topic, students choose their side and write accordingly. Instructor input is only offered to help students understand both sides of a debate and opinions will not be determined correct or incorrect by the instructor. As of August 2017, opinion pieces will only be published if students cite sources using methods approved by the English department.

Comments and Letters

Participation from non-staff members is encouraged. Comments are permitted on all stories, but will be reviewed by Mr. Davis before they are published. Varying opinions are encouraged, but insults and vulgarities are not. Students are encouraged to submit letters to the editor and story ideas to [email protected]


We strive for accuracy in our reporting. Factual errors and misquotes will be corrected and noted on the updated version of the story. Send corrections to [email protected] We also strive for accuracy in our spelling and grammar, as well as general quality in our writing. However, Chronicle writers are 12-14 years old and readers will notice typos and corrections. We apologize for those and thank you for your support of these young journalists.

Yearbook – Cougar Chronicles (est. 2010)
Newspaper – Canyon Chronicle (est. 2017)
News Blog – Cougar News Blog (2011-17)

Cougar Media Awards

Gold Crown, Columbia Scholastic Press Association, 2017 (Cougar News Blog)
Second Place, Lifetouch National Yearbook Showcase, 2016 (Cougar Chronicles)
First Class Honor Rating, National Scholastic Press Association, 2016 (Cougar Chronicles)
Honorable Mention, Lifetouch National Yearbook Showcase, 2015 (Cougar Chronicles)
Honorable Mention, Lifetouch National Yearbook Showcase, 2013 (Cougar Chronicles)

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