AVID students visit two colleges

Mathew Beseth, Staff Writer

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     It’s hard for junior high kids to blend in with college students, but that didn’t stop members of the AVID program from trying.
     Last month, students visited Arizona State University and Central Arizona College, and got to see what it’s like to be a college student and ask questions.
     First they went to ASU and toured the campus including, the computer lab, lecture hall, and the campus student union. They also saw the oldest building on the campus and took a tour of the science building. There they got to see live reptiles and plants that are in the rainforest ecosystem.
     Seventh grader Kailey Demery said that the ASU experience has made her gain courage in herself to go to and find a new college.
     Ava Henwood said that CAC has a lot of opportunities for her at a affordable price and is likely where she will go to college.
     AVID teacher Tina Jada said that the field trips were a success because they got students interested in the college experience and thinking about what they want to do after high school, which is part of the AVID mission.
     “The students have been talking about them and their plans for the future,” Mrs. Jada said.