Anime Club born from silly suggestion

Group has grown from 4 to 14 members

Gilberto Diaz, Staff Writer

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     It started as a joke and now it’s a thing.
     According to eighth grader Casey Woolhouse, he never actually wanted to start the Anime Club when he was joking around about having one, but a friend took he was just joking around and a friend took it seriously and went to the office.
     “Casey said that he wanted to make an Anime Club and I was interested so I asked Mrs. (Lisa) Smith if she was available to be our club teacher because I knew her from last year in the Book Club,” eighth grader Mackenzie Williams said.
     The club’s first meeting was Oct. 15 and only had four members, but the group is growing as 14 students were at the Nov. 29 meeting.
     Woolhouse said the only requirement to be in the club is to like anime and like talking about it.
     “We have club members who love to talk about an anime they have seen recently or many times before,” Woolhouse said. “We go around the group, introducing ourselves, and discussing the anime we are currently watching, or just finished watching.”
     This is also a learning experience for Mrs. Smith because she was unfamiliar with anime, but she said she will learn as she goes.
     “I have no experience with anime; it is hard to understand it because is in japanese,” Mrs. Smith said. “I think it can be tasteful if it is done correctly.”
     The Anime Club meets from 2-2:45 every other Thursday in Room 317.