Council members attend leadership conference in Casa Grande

Caitlin Drury, Staff Writer

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     In November NJHS and Student Council board members went on a student leadership conference field trip, where there they did various leadership activities, to Casa Grande after being offered to go.
     They went on Nov. 2. and the conference is called Youth Matters and is sponsored by Apache Junction City Council. Students did activities such as personality tests and poster making of things they’re grateful to have.
     “It was a great opportunity for us to learn about being a leader,” Susana Martinez said.
     Lisa Schroeder decided to take the students to the student leadership conference after being offered, as many of the students who went are Student Council Board members. It would would be a good way to learn about leadership, and get to engage with other leaders.
     “It was a positive and empowering experience for our students to engage with youth leaders across the state,” Schroeder said.
     They were offered to go to Casa Grande after Superintendent Krista Anderson contacted Principal Courtney Castelhano, who requested Mrs. Schroeder take the students. Who believed it would be a good experience.
     “Dr. Anderson contacted Mrs. Castelhano and requested that our student leadership programs attend with her to the Youth Matters Conference,” Schroeder said.