New award helps recognize players for effort

Player of the Match given to top volleyball athletes

Pedro Ibanez, Staff Writer

     The volleyball team is trying something new in order to help motivate the athletes. The Player of the Match was created to recognize athletes that go above and beyond.
     Coach Regan Roach started the program to reward her players for their performance.
     “We started identifying the player of the match as a way to recognize a player who did an outstanding job during the game,” Coach Roach said.
     Coach Roach thinks it will positively affect her team’s performance in games.
     “I think that this will help to encourage all the players to work hard so that they may be able to get the same recognition,” she said.
     The player chose isn’t necessarily the one who scores the most points.
     “We are looking for the player who worked hard the entire game and went above and beyond to help her teammates,” Coach Roach said.
     Winning players get acknowledged by the team and in other ways.
     “They earn the recognition in the announcements and a certificate from the coach,” Coach Roach said.
     Ciara Anderson an A team player who won player of the match thinks it was a good feeling winning it.
“I felt happy and excited (because) I felt like I did my best,” Anderson said.