Local artist helps students learn watercolor

Ortiz spent a week as a guest art teacher

Vic Morago, Staff Writer

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     Art students had the opportunity of working with a local professional artist on their watercolor projects.
     Students were shown examples of techniques, as well as shown how to apply them to their own artwork and personal styles, all by Vanessa Ortiz, who was a guest teacher in Mrs. Allison Baumann’s first-hour art class in November.
     “I love teaching and especially have a gift in painting and drawing I try to share it as much as I can with the world,” Ms. Ortiz said.
     Techniques that students learned included how to apply watercolor in a variety of different ways, such as wet on wet and wet on dry. Additionally, they learned how to make the texture of their paintings different, using salt and how to paint gradients.
     Seventh grader Emily Mills said that they were assigned to create a realistic painting as well as using five of the watercolor methods they learned.
     “I learned different techniques to use doing watercolor” Mills, who painted a picture of a wolf, said. “I learned how to draw more realistically.”
     Mrs. Baumann initially planned for students to paint an animal, but that idea changed when Ms. Ortiz wanted the students to use their creativity. As a result, Ms Ortiz showed them landscapes and portraits, but allowed students to paint what they wanted.
     “I think it was really cool for the students to see examples of Vanessa’s artwork and then have her personally show them how to recreate those same things,” art teacher Allison Baumann said. “I think it is a very rewarding experience for the students to have the opportunity to work with a professional artist in this way.”