Art students make cards for Suicide Prevention Week

Vic Morago, Staff Writer

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     Art students created kindness cards for National Suicide Prevention Week by having students make inspirational cards for other students to read.
     The cards, which included a positive image as well as an encouraging message were sent out anonymously to students as an activity for National Suicide Prevention Week.
     “I knew I wanted to do a project inspired by Suicide Prevention week because I believe it’s important to have conversations about mental health. It’s something that affects so many people but isn’t talked about enough,” art teacher Allison Baumann, art teacher said.
     According to a CDC study, suicide is the second leading cause of death for ages 12-18. Hearing of Suicide Prevention Week, Mrs. Baumann found it necessary to teach students that kindness is important and can have an impact.
     “I hope that talking about this causes my students to think about others more often and act more kindly in their future, than they did in their past,” she said.
     On average, one person commits suicide every seven hours in Arizona, according to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Mrs. Baumann was impressed by her students putting the time and effort into their cards, giving examples of students that hand delivered their cards as well.
     “Reading through the cards some of the messages that the students wrote just blew me away,” she said. “They were so thoughtful and genuine.”