Diversity Alliance Club makes helps students find voice

Celaya takes charge of student-led organization


Eighth grader Winston Celaya has taken the lead in the Diversity Alliance Club.

Caitlin Drury, Staff Writer

     Theresa Bartholomew is hosting the Diversity Alliance club again for the second year in the 200 building. The club is to help kids understand and to talk about LGBTQ+ and racial issues.
     The club is student-led and takes place usually every other Thursday from 2:15 to 3:15 after school. The club’s new leader is Winston Celaya.
     “So far this year we’ve only had a few meetings and we’re still finding our groove,” Mrs. Bartholomew said. “We’d love to have more club members bring their own voice and perspective to our club.”
     The club strives to help students understand and discuss other walks of life and to be able to understand and help others anyway they can. And for the club members to have fun doing so.
     “It’s student led and focused on having students learn about and talk about the different life experiences people have,” Bartholomew said.
     The club is important to some students as it gives them a place to just be themselves.
     “I guess last year it kinda gave people like a place to like, be themselves, and I kinda wanted to bring that back,” Celaya said.
     The club was started last year by a leader student, Tyler Granillo, who now goes to Apache Junction High School.
     “You can make friends but you can also be with your friends,” Celaya said. “And you can do a whole bunch of cool stuff because Tyler is smart.”
     Bartholomew is planning on hosting the club next year if students are interested. As the club is student lead.
     “The club is student run so if some students want to continue this club next year we will,” Bartholomew said.