Summer Movie Review: ‘Fallen Kingdom’ cliche, in a good way


Mathew Beseth, Staff Writer

     Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is an action thriller featuring dinosaurs. Fallen Kingdom is about how Claire Dearing (Bryce Howard) and Owen Grady (Chris Pratt) go to Isla Nublar to save the abandoned dinosaurs from an now-dormant active volcano. Eli Mills (Rafe Spall) is the main antagonist of the story by fooling and deceiving Owen and Claire and selling the dinos he captures.
     The first portion of the movie is on a bright and colorful island. But that is soon eaten up by the volcano. Then we move to Mr. Lockwood’s manor where it is raining and dark for the rest of the movie.
     Owen Grady is a raptor trainor that has to capture Blue. Blue is one of the four raptors that Owen trained in the last movie. Claire Dearing is an activist that is trying to save the dinos. Zia Rodriguez (Daniella Pineda) is a very resilient Paleo-Veterinarian that saves blue from a gunshot. Franklin Webb (Justice Smith) is a tech genius that hacks he’s way into finding blue. This movie had great special effects and live animatronics. The shot with the T. Rex looked really good with the animatronics. I felt as if Owen Claire and Franklin were about to get crushed by dinos as the volcano was erupting.
     Most of the jokes were saying what was happening in a worried way. Usually when they used the jokes in this way it was before it happened. Also a lot of jokes are just Frank screaming. But they always come just when we need them. Some of the best parts of the movie are when we feel for the dinos. Some examples are when the brachiosaurus is dying in the smoke. Another is when we see the dinos moaning in pain and discomfort in the ship.
     I believe most people who would enjoy this movie is young kids and thriller junkies. I think that this movie deserves five stars because it has a good plot and also I love how the ending is really cliché. I would recommend this movie strongly.