Fast-growing pickleball gets new club

Coach Grant shares love of game with students


Emily Sosa

STRETCH Reaching over to hit the ball, Nia Leon Wimmer gets the ball over the net with her racket. Pickleball is a game made up of two or four players, an even amount on either side of the net.

Caitlin Drury, Staff Writer

     Pickleball is a fast growing sport and it’s grown to Cactus Canyon. PE coach Kimberly Grant, started a club to give students exposure and the opportunity to play it. The club is after school in the gym, on Fridays.
     Grant, or Coach Kim, decided to make this club because of her love for the sport. The club starts after school at 2:15 and ends at 3:45.
     “My favorite thing is you can play pickleball all your life, and people of all age groups can play,” Grant said.

     Another reason Grant made the club was to give the sport more exposure and she wants the club to give kids the opportunity to play it.
     “Pickleball is a fast growing sport right now, I just want to give students more exposure,” Grant said.
     Some students in the club had some experience in school before they joined the club.
     “I played it before in PE so I thought it’d be fun to play it in the club,” eighth grader Nia Leon Wimmer said. “I enjoyed it, I like hitting the ball.”
     Grant competes in tournaments with her husband, so she wanted to share that love for the sport with students. During the club they do pickleball drills, practice shots, and then play games.
     “I love pickleball, it’s mine and my husbands favorite sport right now,” Grant said.
     Grant hopes to keep the club going and growing for years to come.
     “If students want to and are willing to then yes, I plan on continuing the club next year,” Grant said.