Student Council earns master status

StuCo gets award for third consecutive year


Mr. Davis

StuCo members display their banner and Master Council plaque. The group earned the AAJHSC’s top honor at the state convention on May 10.

Hayden Pride, Staff Writer

     The Cactus Canyon Student Council was awarded the title of Master Council during the Arizona Association of Junior High Student Councils state convention.
     The honor is recognition of hard work and leadership. They received this award on May 10 at We-Ko-Pa Resort.
     “We work hard all year and (the students) know they do great work, but Master Council is like the proof that other people recognize it, to,” adviser Jason Davis said. “The state convention is supposed to be a celebration of the year and receiving the award makes that celebration even more fun.”
     There are over 20 requirements that must completed in order to earn a Master Council. Some of these requirements include projects related to school spirit, academic achievement, and leadership. The requirements must be completed by the time the award is to be handed out.
     “There was a series of requirements to meet Master Council status,” eighth grader Rylee Anforth said. “There was three essays to write, we made a banner to represent our school, a scrapbook, and a collage. We have been preparing for this for weeks so it feels good to know that all of our hard work has paid off, ” eighth grader, Rylee Anforth said.
     StuCo has won the Master Council award the past two years, so they were expecting to win the award again. Knowing that they had won the award before, made it easier to see themselves winning the award again.
     “Winning the master council filled me with so much joy and relief that we won the award again this year. I really want to keep the streak alive this year and years to come,” StuCo presiden Kashmir Baillie said.
     They are hoping to win this award again next year and become an even better Student Council. StuCo wants the feeling of being recognized to come again.
     “It’s a lot of work, but we spread it out among lots of kids and it makes us a much better council and it will keep making us a better council,” Anforth said.