Students create projects in study of Renaissance

Mrs. Schroeder wants learners to develop appreciation for time period

Delaney Siggia, Chronicle Editor

     Eighth grade students have been finding new and creative ways to learn about Shakespeare and the Renaissance era.
     Lisa Schroeder’s language arts classes had the choice between 15 different projects that allowed all students to choose something that they were comfortable with. Options ranged from performing a scene from a play to cookbooks to essays and many others.
     “I really enjoyed being able to take some of my outside skills and use them to work on the project,” eighth grader Maggie Allyn said.
     The project is designed to prepare her students by giving them background knowledge on subjects that they will learn about in high school. Mrs. Schroeder has done similar projects with her classes for the past 16 years.
     “I want (my students) to have an appreciation for the Renaissance era and foster a love for Shakespeare and the Renaissance movement,” Mrs. Schroeder said.
     Compared to other assignments done throughout the year, this one had far more choices for students. This was to help students to learn about the subjects in the way they thought best suited themselves.
     “(The students) all really seem to like being able to have freedom to be creative and explore the time period,” Mrs. Schroeder said.
     Students also enjoyed the creativity involved in many of the projects. Overall, many prefer this type of project over typical classwork for this reason.
     “One thing I enjoyed from this project is that I had to be creative to know what I was going to do for my project and how it was going to look in the end,” eighth grader Mallory Mellor said.