StuCo prepares for AAJHSC state convention


Isabella Vasquez

Laughing at a little mishap with spelling, seventh graders Kendall Powell, Megan Gossmann, Bre Ayers, and Sage Gaspar correct their project for the state student council convention.

Rylee Anforth, Canyon Chronicle

     On May 7 Student Council members will attend their final leadership conference for this year and hope to be honored as a Master Council.
     The state convention, which is semi-formal, is a celebration of each school’s successful year has a leadership speaker, dinner, and a dance.
     To earn the title of Master Council, schools have to meet certain requirements set by the Arizona Association of Junior High Student Councils. The AAJHSC holds several leadership conferences throughout the year.
     “To prepare we assign the different things that we need to do to different people in StuCo, everyone has a job to help make sure we are ready to go,” Kashmir Baillie, StuCo president, said.
Some of the requirements include an application packet, a total of three essays, a banner, and a collage of Student Council members participating in events at the school.
     “All of the things we have to do to qualify for a Master Council award show the ways we help make sure our school is full of spirit,” Baillie said.
     The three essays are on school spirit, fundraisers, and the school’s involvement with the community. The banner that is made is to represent the school at the conference and the collage and a scrapbook are to show the spirit around school.
     “To make (the scrapbook) easier, we took pictures and captions from the school yearbook that show school spirit,” Vice President Bella Vasquez said.
     Lots of work went into preparing for the Master Council award, each member of StuCo worked extremely hard on their separate assignment.
     “I am proud of everyone in Student Council because every one of them made sure their assignment was done in time for the conference,” Baillie said.