Girls soccer team gaining experience


Chelsy Sosa

Fighting for position, Anissa Rivera, 7, attempts to beat a Maricopa Wells player to the ball during the first game of the season on March 29. “(My technique is) shoving the girl to the side and taking the ball.”

Hayden Pride, Staff Writer

     The girls soccer team is having a rough season to start off, but they are hoping to improve in the future games. The most likely reason for having a rocky start is because they have many new players on their team.
     “Since we have over 20 new soccer players on the team, this is kind of how I expected it to start,” Coach Norm Hoefer said. “Most of the players are still learning the game and how to work together. This early in the season gives us plenty of time to correct our little mistakes and get better.”
     The most important thing to the soccer players are to get better and improve. They want the team to come together, so they can learn to play with each other and use their strengths.
     “Personally, I think I will be better and have more skill and knowledge in the sport, eighth grader Olivia Christensen said. “As a team, I think we will get better at working together to achieve more and more goals.”
     The girls soccer team are expecting to win a championship this year, like every year. Although, if they don’t win, they are all wanting to improve their skills, since many of them are beginners.
     “Our expectations have not changed from the beginning of the season, win a championship.
     The girls know that if they continue to improve their skills, wins will come along,” Hoefer said.
     The girls soccer team plan to work hard and include everyone in the game in order to bring in some wins. They are all wishing to win championships and trying their hardest, even though they are rookies.
     Most of the people playing are rookies and have never played before so we are having to go back to the basics of soccer and teach from the ground up, eighth grade goalkeeper Olivia McCrary said. “We really need to work on ball control and communication throughout the whole field.”