Library sticker sales help students get yearbooks

Delaney Siggia, Chronicle Editor

     CCJH has been selling stickers to students to help those who can’t afford a yearbook and to purchase camera equipment.
     Stickers are being sold for one to $3 in the library. The money made will be used to purchase yearbooks for students without the $35 needed to get one on their own. The leftover money will go toward new camera lenses for the next year’s yearbook.
     The idea to sell stickers came after math teacher Rachel Mangum was handing out stickers as prizes for students. Eighth grader Olivia Christensen was discussing fundraisers with other students and noticed the stickers on her water bottle. This prompted her to tell Mrs. Mangum to sell them.
     “I told (Mrs. Mangum) putting stickers on Hydroflasks, laptops, etc. was a huge trend and many students love to collect all different stickers,” Christensen said. “So, we decided that ordering bulk packs of stickers would be a good idea, and it was. Not only are students loving the stickers, but we are also earning money that is going towards the school.”
     It is hoped that enough money will be raised to buy about 20 yearbooks for students.
     “There are a lot of kids who want a yearbook but can’t afford it,” Mrs. Mangum said. “I hope we can help someone who really wants one.”
     If the goal of 20 yearbooks is met, the remainder of the funds will be used to purchase new lenses and other camera equipment for the 2018-2019 yearbook team. Yearbook adviser Jason Davis said that this will help them to take better photos.
     “With photography, equipment matters and our 2019 book will have better images if we have access to better lenses,” Mr. Davis said. “From our standpoint, making the best book possible is our top goal and better equipment will help us capture better images, which helps us meet our goal.”