‘Ragnarok’ more memorable than previous ‘Thor’ movies


Craig Byrd, Staff Writer

     “Thor: Ragnarok,” released March 6 on DVD and Blu-Ray, is an action comedy superhero film. Thor is back and has to stop Ragnarok, the foretold end of his home, Asgard, from occurring
and destroying all its inhabitants. Along the way, Thor must overcome problems and work hard to stop the end of Asgard.
     Thor, played by Chris Hemsworth, is a very funny character that the audience can connect to in this movie and does not fail to entertain the audience with his comedic actions. Valkyrie, played by Tessa Thompson, is a character, who is suffering from PTSD from a battle she had with Hela where her friend died to save her, that anyone in the audience who has gone through trauma can relate to and see her problems.
     The acting was superb with Thor with how he deals with hammer breaking at the hands of Hela. Bruce Banner/Hulk was a very funny character in this movie and was very believable as Banner and Hulk.
     “Ragnarok’s” story compared to “Thor: The Dark World” is better paced, makes more sense, and is more memorable than “The Dark World.” Ragnarok brings heavy conflict and lots of tense moments where the audience might believe that Thor and the others might fail in their attempt to stop Ragnarok. “Ragnarok” also brings very good scenes in between the action that either entertains or entriques the audience. The story was very well paced and did not slow down in parts where there was no action.
     The score was very good and added more emotion to the scenes it was placed over. When Thor meets the Grandmaster, the scene is reminiscent of a scene from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory where the characters are in the boat and so Ragnarok uses the same score to show the nature of the scene.
     The costumes in this Thor movie are very bright and colorful with characters on Sakaar. The people of Asgard have a very Norse look to their outfits to match the style of the original roots in Norse mythology. Overall, the costumes look colorful and are very true to the original source material.
     The pacing and editing look amazing and are very consistent with a go-go attitude in the pacing and very whimsical editing. The edits make the fight scenes very entertaining and fun to watch with very intense action.
     The dialogue has a lot of elements of comedy and are very fun to hear and make the movie better but are not necessary to get the plot out but make the movie better so the screenwriters made a right decision to include it in this movie.
     The humor in “Ragnarok” has an awkward moment tone to them where Thor was in a very awkward moment but one of the funniest jokes was at the beginning where the movie made fun of monologuing cliches twice in a row with Thor talking to a skeleton and then Thor stopping an antagonist from monologuing when he was turned around in his chains.
     I give Thor Ragnarok a 4.5 out of 5 stars for great story, great characters, and great humor. I would recommend this movie to fans of action comedies and those who are invested in the MCU and superhero movies.