Girls soccer features returners with championship goals, new players learning the game


Seventh grader Anissa Rivera fights for position to get control of the ball during the Cougars opening game of the season on March 29. Cactus Canyon lost to Maricopa Wells, 6-1.

Andrea Huerta, Staff Writer

     Norm Hoefer is preparing his girls soccer team to win the Desert Middle Schools Athletic League championship this season. He really wants the girls to do their best and believes that they will do well.
     “I expect to have a fun, hard working group of young ladies that will go to battle for each other and develop as a team over the season,” Coach Hoefer said.
     They look to improve throughout the season and have a plan during the game to win.
     “We will look to improve on shooting harder and getting the ball in the corners so it’s harder for the goalie,” eighth grader McKenzie Neace said.
     The Cougars also have strengths that will affect how well they will do this season.
     “(Our) team strengths are working together and making strong, hard passes to each other to get goals,” Neace said.
     There are several new players this season and the coach wants those that are new to play and have fun, so he is helping them learn the game.
     “For some of the girls this is their first year playing soccer so we are going to work a lot
on just the basics,” Coach Hoefer said. “Things like the rules, positioning and just have them learn the flow of a soccer game.”
     But the girls that were on the team last year have their mind set on only one goal.
     Eighth grader Breanna Baker said, “I have the same goal as last year, that is to win championships.”