Science students create ads to learn about minerals


Emily Sosa

Experimenting with rocks, seventh graders Kylie DePriest and Martina Gonzalez work together to find out if talc has fracture or not.

Kathryn Matthes, Staff Writer

     In her seventh grade science classes, Marie Wilbur’s learned how minerals are used.
     After each student was assigned a specific mineral randomly, they created a cartoon advertisement, which includes the symbol of their element, the chemical formula, the name, and a brand new slogan that represented their mineral.
     “The students had to complete a mini web quest on Mineral Mania where they learned about how minerals are used in our everyday life,” Wilbur said.
     Wilbur has used this activity before on previous generations of students and the majority of students find it enjoyable. They also find it fascinating what types of minerals are used in objects that they wouldn’t think it would be in.
     “I was surprised by how many uses include my element,” seventh grader Nathan Groneberg said. “I learned that sulfur can be used and is used in items such as matches and rubber.”
     Students learned how their specific minerals have many or few uses. They also learned how to explain the rock cycle.
     “Students (learned) how igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks are formed and how to identify them,” Wilbur said.
     Wilbur plans to continue using this project for future students. She also hopes that students will wonder about what different elements are used in all the different things they use.
     “I want and hope students learn that minerals are the basic building blocks of rocks and are in our everyday lives,” Wilbur said.