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Pencil challenge helps students learn responsibility

David Tomazin, Staff Writer

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     Rachel Mangum’s third- and fourth hour math classes are participating in a challenge to see which student can keep his or her pencil until the week before the year ends.
     Ms. Mangum gave all her students a pencil tagged with blue tape. About once a week she calls for all pencils to be shown and those who do not have their pencil are out. She said it’s meant to be sporadic, so the students don’t know when it’s coming. The student who keeps the pencil the longest will receive a $10 gift card of their choice.
     “I think it is important to keep the pencil in a safe spot and not give it away,” eighth grader Hunter Dillon said.
     The challenge has helped many students learn responsibility and to be careful with their possessions. This also teaches students dedication with things they find important.
     “Another purpose is to teach students that they can take care of things like pencils if they really want to,” Mangum said.
     The challenge was originally created to save Ms. Mangum from buying an excess of pencils when a student lost theirs and took one from her class. This has had a positive effect and has prevented many from losing their pencils. An additional effect is students learning responsibility for their possessions.
“One of the purposes is to help me save money on pencils,” Mangum said. “I was giving away so many pencils and I wanted to see if I could stop that from happening.”
     The winner of the challenge will be determined at the end of the year, the week before the last week of school. Each class will have a winner. In the event that more than one student finishes, the students will participate in a challenge to determine the winner.
     “I keep my pencil at the bottom of my backpack and get it out when it is necessary,” eighth grader Adelyn Simpson said.

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Pencil challenge helps students learn responsibility