SD trip returns after year off

Students travel to California to study oceanography


Dylan West

Using the Turtleink interactive tool, seventh grader Kayli Jurrens Forney to uncover facts about different species and their habitats. “I was using my fingers to move the TV around to look for sea turtles around the world and finding out about them. I saw different types of turtles and how they lay eggs.”

     Over spring break, a group of students took a trip to San Diego to help them understand science standards in a real-life way.
     Some of the activities on the trip, sponsored by seventh-grade science teacher Marie Wilbur-Bowers, included a floating boat lab, SeaWorld, and the Aquarium of the Pacific.
     “On the floating boat lab, students learned about the sea animals that live in the bay and were able to touch and hold some of them,” Ms. Wilbur-Bowers said. “At SeaWorld they had a workbook that we had to answer some questions in about the exhibit animals and habitats.”
     All of the activities were not only fun, but educational; they taught students about the ocean in different ways than they learn in class.
     “It gave students hands-on and real-life lessons on how everything is connected in our ecosystems, even though we live in a desert what we do affects all life,” Ms. Wilbur-Bowers said.
     Last year the trip did not happen because there were not enough students interested in attending. This year there was a lot more interest in the trip and the trip.
     “We did not have enough students sign up to go last year, but I am absolutely thrilled the trip was a go this year,” Ms. Wilbur-Bowers said.
     Ms. Wilbur-Bowers said she had a fun time with all the students that went and next year she hopes that kids are interested in the trip again because it is an amazing experience.
     “The best part of the trip for me was when we saw the beautiful sea turtles,” seventh grader Allivia McAdam said. “They are my favorite animal and I learned a lot about them.”