‘Chronicle’ earns second Crown Award

School newspaper gets Silver


Mr. Davis

Canyon Chronicle staff members display their Gold Medalist certificate and Silver Crown Award from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association.

Hayden Pride, Staff Writer

     The staff of the Canyon Chronicle recently won a Silver Crown award from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association. The Crowns are one of the top awards for student journalism.
     Out of 1,100 publications, only 240 earned an award. The Chronicle was the only winner in the Middle School Digital News category.
     Last year, the school newspaper, known as the Cougar News Blog, won a Gold Crown. Although the award may have been silver this year, staff members are still proud of the accomplishment.
     “I was hoping that we would win a Gold Crown award, but we ended up with a silver,” editor Delaney Siggia said. “It’s a bit disappointing because it’s a downgrade from last year, but I’m still proud because I know that there aren’t many middle schools that won gold or silver. I’d like to think that we’re pretty good for what we are.”
     In addition to the Crown, the Chronicle also earned the title of Gold Medalist based on a judge’s critique. Adviser Jason Davis said he hopes the recognition will help future staff members set goals and try their best to write great stories.
     “I always hope that awards motivate students to want to do their best work and give readers the best product we can put out,” Davis said. “It’s nice to earn awards, but we are ultimately a student publication with an audience of students and parents. If we do a great job of serving that audience, judges will notice, too.”
The CSPA is a national student journalism organization at Columbia University in New York. Click here to read more about the organization and the Crowns.