Advanced art students work with gourds

Gold Canyon Arts Council assists with project


Mr. Davis

Diane Haugen of the Gold Canyon Arts Council helps eighth grader Anthony Bell paint a gourd.

Mirage Arroyo, Staff Writer

     Students in advanced art got the opportunity to work with gourds. Gourds are plants that artists can carve, paint, and draw on.
     Before working on the gourds they got to draw out their design they wanted on paper just to be sure of what they wanted.
     “I learned a lot about different artistic mediums while painting the gourds,” eighth grader Avery Fisher said.
     Art teacher Allison Baumann wanted the students to paint gourds for the Gold Canyon Arts Council. Everyone who made a gourd will have them displayed sometime in April. Members of the council came to class to help students design their gourd.
     “I decided to do the gourds project because Kathy Mitchell from the Gold Canyon Arts Council reached out to me about setting up an Artist in Residence visit,” Baumann said. “They made it very easy to set up the project and I think it was very successful, so I would like to work with them again.”