Calendar vote leads to lunchtime protest


Chelsy Sosa

Demonstrating her opposition to the five-day schedule for the 2018-19 school year, Ashlyn Wiram, 7, leads a group of students around the courtyard in a lunchtime protest. AJUSD went to a four-day week three years ago to keep teachers in the district. “The fact that we are one of the lowest paying school districts puts our teachers in a position they don't want to be in,” Wiram said.

Rylee Anforth, Chronicle Editor

     The Feb. 6 school board vote to move AJUSD to from a four-day schedule back to five-day led to discussion, arguments, and even protests around the district.
     Ashlyn Wiram wanted to make sure student voices were heard and led about 100 seventh graders around the courtyard during their lunch on Feb. 8.
     Wiram planned to have a peaceful protest to get the attention of the school board by chanting, “
     “I was definitely hoping to reach the school board through the teachers, hence my reason for starting the protest,” Wiram said.
     Wiram said she feels strongly against the new schedule change because of how it will affect the teachers. She doesn’t want good teachers to leave because of a schedule change.
     “The fact that we are one of the lowest paying school districts puts our teachers in a position they don’t want to be in,” Wiram said.
     Wiram hopes to be able to set up some type of meeting with the school board to share her opinions about the new schedule in a respectful manner. As it is now, AJUSD teachers get paid less, but the four-day week has encouraged many to stay in the district anyway.
     “The national salary for a teacher is $56,383 for a year, meanwhile our teachers get paid much less than that yearly,” Wiram said.
     Although the protest ended when two students climbed on the fence by the cafeteria, Wiram said she’s proud that she was able to get so many students to join her and get the student message out.
     “I’m wasn’t a very well-known person at this school,” she said. “But now I’m protest girl.”