Valentine’s dance moves to Wednesday

Final dance will be 5:15-7 p.m. Feb. 7


Mr. Davis

Painting a castle scene for her Valentine’s dance poster, eighth grader Maria Alamillo Flores outlines a horse in black paint. The dance will be from 5:15-7 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 7.

David Tomazin, Staff Writer

     The Valentine’s dance will take place on a Wednesday this year due to sporting events; the date is Feb. 7 from 5:15 to 7 p.m..
     The Valentine’s dance will include Minute to Win It games, sumo wrestling, a photo booth, and a concession stand. Attendees are not required to bring a date or wear special clothes. DJ Eddie Huff will be playing music.
     The dance was originally unscheduled, so when Student Council tried to schedule the event, Thursdays were all reserved for sporting events.
     “When we scheduled all our events over the summer, we didn’t schedule a third dance because we considered having it toward the end of the year,” StuCo adviser Jason Davis said.
     Mr. Davis said some students might not be able to attend on a Wednesday, but attendance would’ve been much lower if all the athletes were at a game.
     “I’m interested to see how the date affects our attendance,” Mr. Davis said. “On one hand, we might lose some folks because they can’t stay out late on a school night. Alternatively, people will be in the rhythm of the school week and that might make them more likely to come.”
     The council’s goal is to have at least 300 students attend. Being a fundraiser is a big part of the dances, but StuCo members just want students to enjoy themselves.
     “I just want to hear that kids had fun. I think people have had a good time at the dances this year, and that’s all we really want,” Mr. Davis said. “These our our biggest fundraisers, so it’s obviously nice to raise the money, but we really just want to do good things for our student body.”
     Mr. Davis said the council tries to plan games and offer activities for everyone, even if they don’t like to dance.
     “Our dances are fun,” Mr. Davis said. “We try to make them accessible and enjoyable for everyone at Cactus Canyon.”
     The regular dress code applies at the dance and students need a ride home.