Teachers take pies in the face to help StuCo raise money for hurricane victims

Events raise $240 for Feeding Texas


Hayden Pride

StuCo president Kashmir Baillie pushes a pie into the face of language arts teacher Lisa Schroeder during the first quarter assembly on Oct. 4. Baillie was part of a group that organized a fundraiser to help hurricane victims using pies in teacher faces as an incentive for students to donate.

Kelley Bentley, Staff Writer

     With an estimated of 176,000 houses destroyed or damaged by Hurricane Harvey, Student Council decided to help. And to pie a few teachers in the face in the process.
     Eighth-grade Student Council members Kashmir Baillie, Olivia McCrary, and Isabella Vasquez set up a fundraiser for donations to the Feeding Texas organization from Sept. 27 through Oct. 4 during both seventh and eighth grade lunches. Students could either just donate money or pay to participate in games.
     “I wanted to donate because all across the news for a few weeks was death and destruction, it was overwhelming,” Baillie, the StuCo president, said. “I’m sitting here at school safe and secure while out there in parts of the world devastating things are occurring. I knew my fellow members of Student Council would support my choice to construct a plan to pitch in.”
     They had games such as a dance challenge and a Fruit by the Foot challenge with a concluding pep assembly. The biggest incentive to donate was if students donated, they had a chance to egg or pie a teacher at the pep assembly.
     “I said yes because not only was it helping with a positive school climate, but it was also helping support a good cause and raising money for hurricane victims to rebuild their livelihoods,” language arts teacher Lisa Schroeder said.
     StuCo’s original goal was about $200, but the final total was about $240 and they were very excited to exceed expectations.
     “We were very sure that Feeding Texas was the way to go because we knew the money would get to the people of Texas efficiently with no time wasted,” McCrary said.
     In the future they would like to be able to help out with similar events that affect more than just themselves or their community.
     “One of our goals this year was to be better at community involvement and, even though it’s not the Apache Junction community, this is still a great way to help us achieve that goal,” adviser Jason Davis said.