Review: ‘Coco’ a great adventure that entertains and informs


David Tomazin, Staff Writer

     Disney’s Coco is a movie based on Mexico’s Dia De Los Muertos and follows the story of a young musician Miguel Rivera, whose family has banned the playing, listening, or viewing to music after an event that happened to his great great grandmother.
     Despite the ban, Miguel (voiced by 12-year-old Anthony Gonzalez) wants to become a musician and decides to enter a talent show and use a special guitar.
     The day of the music competition arrives – Dia De Los Muertos – and Miguel breaks into the tomb of a famous musician to take his guitar, which takes him to the Land of the Dead. The rest of the movie follows Miguel as he tries to return to the land of the living before sundown.
     Disney did fantastic with the scenes that show the Land of the Dead, especially in the scene where Miguel enters to see a city of incredible shapes and colors, bringing the film to life.
     The animation is especially fantastic and has fluid movement. This is evident during the scene in which Miguel and a skeletal bum named Hector perform at a land of the Dead concert.
     Overall this movie was a fantastic adventure and masterpiece by Disney and did its part by telling a story, but also informing viewers about the Dia De Los Muertos. I would give this movie five out of five stars and would recommend it to those who enjoy light-hearted cultural movies.