Boys soccer begins new season with goal to make playoffs

Cougars will rely on strong group of eighth graders


Olivia McCrary

Preparing to pass to a teammate beside him, eighth grader Marcos Aguilar turns the ball in the direction he needs to move.

Josh Mott, Staff Writer

     Last year the boys soccer team won two games and did not make the playoffs. As the 2017 season begins, Coach Art Helfgot thinks the Cougars should be a stronger team.
     “We won two games last year I’m thinking we ought to be competitive enough to make the playoffs,” Helfgot said.
     Coach Helfgot said he thinks that the team will make it to the playoffs with a lot of practice and hard work.
     “I think this year our starting 11 will be stronger and deeper than last year’s squad,” he said. “As for how we accomplish (our) goals: practice, practice, practice, and discipline.”
     Coach Helfgot said that he has a good group of returning players and they’re willing to try their hardest and step up.
     “We have a good strong group of eighth graders this year, and a couple of kids that seem willing to sacrifice personal goals in order to make our goalkeeping stronger,” he said.
     There are a few students who are becoming good influences to the team and contributing as well, which gives them the spot to be leaders of the team.
     “Braden Vigil-Nelson, Miguel Armendariz, and Carlos Perez Ruiz seem to rising to that role,” Helfgot said.
     He says that Apache Junction has a hard time getting good club teams and he says that the other competition has players that have good soccer experience and skills.
     “We face a significant challenge to our success in that most of the schools in our division have many players with considerable club soccer experience,” Helfgot said. “AJ seems to have difficulty obtaining club teams.”