Review: ‘Homecoming’ builds excitement for future


Austin Martinez, Canyon Chronicle

     Spider-Man Homecoming , recently released on Blu-ray, is a superhero film that is PG-13. This time Tom Holland is playing Spider-Man as a young high schooler unlike back then when Andrew Garfield and Toby Maguire played Spider-Man and were a lot older and mature then Tom Holland.
     Peter Parker is now stopping people from stealing purses to saving hundreds of people from a merchant vessel being cut in half and sinking into the ocean.
     The movie is worth watching because you get to see the mysteries, and the trailer makes you want to watch it even more, from all the fighting to the new characters.
     I enjoyed all of the special effects the music and scenery, but I don’t like how the suit Tony Stark made him is doing everything for Spider-Man. I enjoy the cool effects to the web, but I sort of liked it when it was old school when he didn’t need a suit to help shoot webs and climb walls.
     I think people that enjoy Spider-Man films and comics would enjoy Spider-Man Homecoming. Altogether, I thought the movie was extremely intriguing and always kept my eyes glued to the movie, and I would give it a four out of five stars. I would recommend this movie to people because it is really intriguing and gets you excited for the next one.