Softball team overcomes six-run deficit to win title

Cougars claim sixth consecutive DMSAL championship


Olivia McCrary

Eighth grader Danielle Ruiz waits for a pitch during the softball league title game on Oct. 2. The Cougars won for the sixth consecutive season.

Daisy Gonzales, Staff Writer

     The softball team won the league championship for the sixth consecutive season. The Cougars were undefeated in the Desert Middle Schools Athletic League. But unlike past seasons, this year’s championship game was quite a tough one due to the team being down by six runs within the first five innings of the game.
     Coach Bill Wilson said the Cougars made many mistakes leading up to them being behind 16-10. He said the team needed all their skills to pull it out at the end and win 20-16 to claim the title.
     “I did not expect us to make so many mistakes that put us behind,” Wilson said. “Our work ethic and pride in the heritage that they are a part of was huge in our success.”
     As a team, the Cougars had to work as one to get through the obstacles that were thrown at them, such as avoiding arguments with each other and keeping a positive attitude.
     “It was great,” said eighth grader Kaylee Wager. “Everyone and good days and bad days, we had good attitudes and we had a growth mindset,” Kaylee Wagner, an eighth grader, said.
     The team was composed of many types of players who are good at different skills, but Coach Wilson said the team excelled in a few areas.
     “Our hitting was overpowering and aggressive base running was off the charts,” Wilson said.
     Coach Wilson hopes to keep the league championship streak going for next year’s season as he gets new players to train.
     “I’m hoping for another undefeated season and championship,” he said. “Our confidence is a never say die mentality, so hopefully it will push us for next year.”