Review: ‘Leavy’ brings tears, warms heart


Kylee Mott, Staff Writer

     The movie Megan Leavy, released on Blu-ray on Sept. 5, is a children’s action movie; it is sad and thrilling. It’s about woman named Megan Leavy (Kate Mara) who joined the Army and decided to take care of tough dog named Rex who was injured by a bomb in Iraq.
     It took a very long time, but they fell in love and, after they came back from war, Leavy wanted to adopt Rex. Once he was healthy, he had to go back to the war.
     After Rex retired she went to the ceremony and adopted him. The movie can make you cry and at the same time feel good inside.
     The movie is for adults, kids, and anyone who likes war movies. Even though the movie was amazing, I wish that is was a little more exciting. I would give it a four-star rating because even though the actors were good, I would’ve like it if they added another action scene.

Editor’s note: This story has been updated to show the Blu-ray release date.