Interactive notebooks help students do more than write down info


Hayden Pride

Trying to finish their math work, Haila Rippey and Regan Robinson, 7, finish cutting and gluing papers into their interactive notebooks.

Kathryn Matthes, Staff Writer

     Core teachers are using interactive notebooks to help students be more organized and well prepared in class.
     Interactive notebooks are composition notebooks that hold the students information that they are learning in that class. They include foldables, flippables, and other graphic organizers that allow students to create their own resource in a hands-on, colorful way.
     Interactive notebooks are often separated by page number or sections so the students will be able to keep their notebook well organized without forgetting where there notes are located.
     “Before we had interactive notebooks students just wrote down a whole bunch of information that was hard to understand later,” Rachel Mangum, an eighth grade math teacher, said. “I love using interactive notebooks because I know that all students have the same information.”
     Students will be able to use their interactive notebooks to review lessons and can use them to refer their notes when doing classwork and projects. They can also look at their notes to study for upcoming tests.
     “Interactive notebooks help me learn more proficiently by helping me remember notes and it helps me stay organized,” eighth grader Jade English said.
     Teacher hope that students will lose their papers less that had helped them learn and remember tactics for their class. Teachers also hope that students will no longer misplace papers for the class and notes that they had written down.
     “I hypothesise that by having students use interactive notebooks they will lose less papers and have a higher success rate for completing assignments,” Regan Roach, an eighth grade science teacher said.
     Teachers plan to continue to use interactive notebooks in hopes that students will be able to use them to study more proficiently, which they hope will help them achieve better grades. They also plan to use them to help them be able to remember their topics so they can better results on tests.
     “Interactive notebooks help to keep all the information we do and use in one location,” Marie Wilbur, a seventh grade science teacher, said. “We can refer to certain pages to revisit information. Interactive notebooks also accommodate different learning styles and levels.”

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