Cougars aim to avoid overconfidence


Hayden Pride

Running to get the ball thrown by Savannah Eagley, 7, Kaylee Wagner, 8, sprints to attempt the catch.

Rylee Anforth, Staff Writer

     The Cactus Canyon softball team started its season last month with a win over Hohokam Middle School in Coolidge and now lead the Desert Middle Schools Athletic League with a 4-0 record.
     The players have many goals set for this season, but their ultimate team goal is going undefeated and winning the league title for the sixth consecutive season.
     The team has a mixture of strengths including their hitting and defense. They plan to use these strengths to achieve their goals, but will also focus on practicing hard, playing their hardest and hustling to help make sure their past success doesn’t make them overconfident.
     “All of the girls, one through 21, learn how to push themselves to achieve goals that they set for themselves and to play as a team,” Coach Bill Wilson said.
     Most players spend time preparing for this season by playing on other teams and or by practicing at home.
     “Being prepared is an important part of being in any sports because when I am prepared I know how the game will go for me, eighth grader Carissa LaFrance said.
     In addition to team goals, players have also set individual goals. Eighth grader Heather Quirk wants to show people that size doesn’t matter. She said people underestimate her hitting because she is small. Her goal for this season is to hit a home run to prove them wrong.
     “People say that I’m so small that I can’t hit the ball and I took that as a challenge to work harder,” Quirk said.
To see standings and softball scores, please visit the Chronicle results page.

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